Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I can make you a celebrity overnight

Like so many WAGS and reality stars before me; tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen I, she of pale skin and blue eyes, will be getting a spray tan. Yes that’s right, a spray tan. I will be willingly undressing, entering a tiny booth and being sprayed with chemicals, all in the name of beauty and paying actually a rather reasonable $20 for the privilege. Now half of me, the sensible half, knows I am being ridiculous and that being pale is fine but the half of me which wants to be a Kardashian (more on this another time) feels that I need to be brown. Also I cannot leave the house without bronzer for fear of blinding the general public with my white, blotchy skin. So this has led me to the spray tan. After all how bad can it be, it only lasts a week, right? (Horror stories on a postcard please) I have tried the gradual moisturisers which are generally fine for a couple of days before wearing off leaving one with attractive dirty marks in manner of hideous flesh eating disease. Not a good look and I refuse to go in the tanning beds, terrifying things. So tonight I will be exfoliating to within an inch of my life, moisturising, defuzzing the legs (a mammoth task) and generally preparing myself for tomorrow. Feel almost like am getting ready for wedding or similar, instead of tan. Tomorrow I shall report back on the experience. I am going to a place which has the Mystic Tan HD Booth, which sounds very impressive and having watched a YouTube video on the process, seems relatively quick and easy. If you have any tips/tricks, please comment and let me know! Keep me in your thoughts and pray that I do not ‘pull a Ross!’
Speak soon!
Love Sophie xx

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