Thursday, 14 October 2010

Go somewhere private where we can discuss Fashion - Ottawa Fashion Week

I was rooting around in the basement yesterday, trying desperately to sort out my seemingly never-ending boxes of junk (erm prized possessions) which have moved with me over the last few years, without ever actually being opened. I came across a box of postcards from my Grade 10 Art class, we all designed 'postcards', one for every member of the class which were then handed out to aforementioned classmates to modify and write a message on. Obviously a deeply important project (!) They were then returned to the original 'artist'. (I use the term loosely, as mine consisted of plain painted backgrounds with scrunched tissue paper stuck on...) Anyway, in a fit of nostalgia I started reading the messages. They all, practically without exception said the same two things. 1) 'I like, luuuurvveeee your accent, it's like ssoooo cute!'  2) 'I like, luuuuurvvvvee your style.'

 This brought me all the way back to when I arrived in Ottawa, in 2004. Believe me, my style was nothing special at all, I was only wearing what all of my peers and friends in England were wearing but at my high school in Canada where everyone wore Abercrombie, Old Navy, American Eagle and Hollister exclusively, and had no access to trendy fast fashion outlets like Topshop, Zara or H & M, I guess I stood out. Anyway fast forward 6 years and it's quite unbelievable how much has changed in Ottawa. Whilst when I first moved here, I lamented that there was nowhere to shop and everyone wore T-shirts and Jeans all the time, Ottawa is starting to become fashionable! Whilst Holt Renfrew has always been the place to go for high end fashion (and while I love it, I think the Ottawa location could do with a bit of an overhaul) we now have a Zara, Michael Kors, BCBG, Urban Outfitters etc! It may not be Bond Street or Westfield but at least it's something. While this is all a step in the right direction, the real indication that Ottawa is becoming far more fashionable is that there is now ...

Ottawa Fashion Week! 

The last few days of October, Ottawans with an interest in Fashion, as well as Media, Buyers and Stylists will gather in the National Art Gallery to watch various Ottawa and Canadian designers show their collections. I am so excited that Ottawa has this little piece of fashion and I'm sure it's going to be a great event. In the name of research, I've had a look at all the designer's websites and there's a few I'm really excited about. If you watch Project Runway Canada (which was filmed in Ottawa) you may remember Jessica Biffi? Her collection is closing OFW and should make for great viewing. Off the top of my head, some of the other designers who caught my eye are Andrew Majtenyi, Keera Sama & Birds of North America to name but a few. 

I'm really looking forward to getting a bit more involved in Ottawa Fashion now that I'm back and am very intrigued to see what these local and not so local designers have to offer. It's fabulous that Ottawa has an event like this to showcase their work and I am thoroughly looking forward to it! I will be blogging about the shows, as well as tweeting live throughout the entire thing, I may also try and take some pictures with my camera aka the world's cheapest digital camera. On the other hand, perhaps photography is best left to those who don't accidentally turn their camera off every time they try and take a picture?!

Ottawa Fashion Week begins on October 29th. For more info check out or follow them on Twitter : OFW_LIVE

If you're attending Ottawa Fashion Week, let me know! If you're there, I'll be the English girl with the Chanel bag and tangled hair, say hello! 



  1. Oh, you are right, Ottawa has changed indeed!

    See you at OFW!


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  2. It was so nice to meet you yesterday! See you at OFW!



  3. I can't wait until tonight, it should be wonderful :)
    Do you know if we're allowed flash photography if we're not offical "press"?

  4. 20YS : See you there!!

    Justyna - so nice to meet you too! Looking forward to seeing you at the shows!

    Melrose - I know! I should think that would be fine, maybe email Julianne just to double check?


  5. Just wanted to tell you this:



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